Van Den Hul C7.3 RCA Plugs (Pair)

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Van Den Hul C7.3 RCA connectors distinguish themselves from the average ones by the use of (specifically) treated special conductor materials and construction. The results are reliability and top quality conductivity for longer periods whilst keeping oxidation away.

◾The best solution for the main function of making electrical connections for signal and ground. First step: away with brass (blend of regular copper and very regular zinc). A proper selection of materials is vital.
◾All conductive parts have 24 carat gold plating over silver plating over copper plating for maintaining top quality conductivity and prevent from corrosion
◾Reinforced spring action for better mating (and cleaning). This is provided by the extra springs of the ground ring and the cut in the female connector pin. Besides a perfect fit it helps cleaning the contacts (when rotating the connector for a first contact).
◾Phosphor bronze cable clamp for strong mechanical grip on (in?) the outlet.
◾Internal insulation made of Teflon. This is an absolute must for the stability of the center pin after soldering.
◾Red or blue Van den Hul rings for channel identification. 

Cable opening: 7.3 mm. Fits the following Van Den Hul cables: JUBILEE HYBRID; D - 102 III HYBRID; D - 102 V Special; SOURCE HYBRID, VIDEOLINK 75, THUNDERLINE HYBRID, MC - GOLD HYBRID, MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial, MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ω; SECOND ®; COMPOLINK 75.