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Very satisfied

Very happy with puchased lens. Great service and price.

Nikon Z fc Kit

I have been waiting for this camera to become available and ordered through LKN and was very promptly delivered. All contents were complete and working as expected, after charging the battery I took it out for a test run, everything worked wonderfully well, so easy to use and set exposure and the lenses AF worked very well, I found it fast and accurate even for some bird photos. Image quality is VERY VERY impressive with both lenses, I couldn't be happier with my purchase, am now waiting for the Nikon Bonus items to be shipped so some vlogging will be fun. Love the Nikon z fc retro look and feel and is one of the reasons I purchased this camera and buying from LKN was the best choice for prompt delivery and service, recommend this Nikon Dealer

great seller

lowest price for Nikon Z fc ever! I've looked at ebay, amazon, local shops, but LKN beat them all by at least $150!
not my first purchase at this shop and not the latest
P.S. very fast delivery despite lockdown

Nikon z Fc

Order on line and received it 2 days later. Best price on the market, and from a genuine Nikon reseller, 2 years warranty and all.

Excellent pricing and exceptional customer service

LKN provided the lowest price and outstanding customer care. The after sales service was phenomenal with fast and professional communication. LNK worked quickly to resolve an issue that came up and were extremely accomodating and helpful throughout, providing some of the best after sales service I've encountered. Simply amazing service.
This company has my highest recommendation.

Protective lens filter

Great product and a delivery in time!

Exceptional build quality and features

I haven't used this bag in the field just yet but after finally replacing my Dakine Sequence of approximately 15 years, I am extremely impressed by the build quality, materials, and attention to detail on this bag. Not only is there a spot to put a tripod, theoretically there are four spots to put tripods (and all four if for some reason necessary). There are loops and connections tucked away all over the place, and some great storage capacity both in and outside the core unit. Looking forward to using this!

Well made

Well made with sturdy ball head.
5 year warranty a bonus

Nikon Z7ii

I purchased Nikon Z7ii from LKN Australia. I must say that I got extra ordinary support from Dr. K N Lim.

Price: The best price in the market.
Delivery: The fastest delivery in the market. I also got advice for an affordable shipping option including insurance and that was additional peace of mind for me.
Communication: The most clear communication.

Why LKN: The big players are charging a decent unnecessary premium on top of Camera, so you can always save it if you purchase from LKN.

Highly recommend and would definitely be in touch in future with LKN Australia.

Thank you Dr. K N Lim for all the support !

Kind regards,
Ahmad - AHL Photography.

Fantastic Service

I was after some Ilford photographic paper and LKN were the only ones in Australia to stock it when everyone else was out of stock. Friendly, patient service and super quick delivery from QLD to VIC. Will buy again.

Best Price, Fine Service

This definitely won't be the last product I order from LKN! They're excellent at describing the status of one's order, and even when I (stupidly!) didn't order the lens and the protective filter at the same time, they answered my query that they could combine the orders and ship at the same time. It took a while to get it together, but they sent everything by express post, which took only two days.

Everything was well packed, insured, and arrived in perfect condition.

As far as I can tell, the copies I've received are perfect, and it's a joy to use this lens.

Highly recommended.

Great package deal

Fantastic price for 2 amazing lenses.

Fantastic Backpack

I've had this backpack for 2 months and used it every weekend, the odd week day plus a 4 day photography workshop. The material is fantastic, I have no qualms about putting the pack face down in wet grass, snow or sand; I know that my gear is safe. The depth of the pack is just right to carry my mirrorless Nikon Z7 with an L bracket or my crop-sensor DSLR. I fit in three lenses along with the body and a lens adapter. In the top part of the pack, I have my filters, warm jacket, lunch and in the front pocket goes my raincoat, hat, gloves, PLB, headlamp, spare batteries etc. I purchased the Women's Simple Shoulder Straps separately and they make the pack super comfortable for me. This is an extremely well designed and built pack.

Great Service

Couldn’t ask for better. As always easy to deal with, great people.

Very happy

Beautiful lens. Noticeable weight difference compared to my nifty fifty, but beautiful quality and well worth it. No complaints. 100% recommend LKN, personal communication, super fast shipping at my request. Very very happy.

Samyang 12mm F2.8 Nikon AE

Lens built well, very wide and interesting field of view. Great for creative work and astrophotography.

crystal clear to always use

ever since I shot with my first camera i used a protection filter ... I am not a 'sunday driver " I use the best with the same brand Nikon on Nikon

Highly recommend

Have dealt with Lim on a number of occasions and found him to be reliable, honest and offering good value. As an accredited Nikon distributor he offers a full Nikon Australia warranty up to two years. Postage was fast.

Excellent customer service

Very proffessinal, speedy delivery.
great value

INCREDIBLE FAST service and over the weekend!

I can't recommend this ebay store enough. Lim expedited my order on a weekend, he promised what he could deliver, offered solutions and then delivered overnight on a $2000 k plus lens. Top-quality service and product.

Thank you!!! I've just come back from a 5 day wildlife shoot and am over the moon with what I've achieved from this purchase. This lens was sold out in many other stores too. So I feel very lucky.

10 out of 10!

Nikon 16-50 z vr lens

Great service and quick delivery

Five star service

LKN Australia provided the very best price and service and I received the Lens overnight and expertly packaged. I would definitely recommend LKN to everyone.

Awesome NIKKOR Lens

Placed on my NIKON D7100 with the camera updated to the latest firmware, did some test shots and I am very happy with the results, fast lens, nice and sharp with weight being lighter than my older Nikkor Lens, which is a bonus as I can now take images a lot easier for a lot longer, Fast delivery from LKN Australia

Fast, close, wide, must have

One of the best fast wideangle lenses for the F-mount is the 20mm f/1.8G. It's fast, sharp, focuses very close as well, makes good and unique perspectives when used correctly. This S-line version is a major step up. Sharper, more resolution, and lower coma levels wide open. I recommend this lens to any owner of the fullframe Z-mount system who wants a fast and native prime lens with low coma for astro-landscape subjects. This lens is bigger and heavier than the G version, however it's about the same when the FTZ is considered. 20G+FTZ is 600 grams, this lens is a bit more, 602 grams or so. This lens is a bit taller with the hood attached however the balance is perfect.

Great lens

Love nikon build quality, the lens works really well on my Z6, its surprisingly light weight makes it perfect for walk arounds when you need a telephoto lens. The lens is really sharp as well