Nikon Z7 II Mirrorless Camera Body

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    John Maher
    Great Service, price and advice

    I live in Newcastle area, the Doc gets things to me quicker than the Sydney stores and he’s in QLD. I won’t shop anywhere else.

    AHL Photography
    Nikon Z7ii

    I purchased Nikon Z7ii from LKN Australia. I must say that I got extra ordinary support from Dr. K N Lim.

    Price: The best price in the market.
    Delivery: The fastest delivery in the market. I also got advice for an affordable shipping option including insurance and that was additional peace of mind for me.
    Communication: The most clear communication.

    Why LKN: The big players are charging a decent unnecessary premium on top of Camera, so you can always save it if you purchase from LKN.

    Highly recommend and would definitely be in touch in future with LKN Australia.

    Thank you Dr. K N Lim for all the support !

    Kind regards,
    Ahmad - AHL Photography.