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Insta360 GO 3S: Capture Every Moment with a Tiny 4K POV Camera

Insta360 is proud to announce a major addition to its tiny mighty GO camera series: Insta360 GO 3S. The thumb-sized camera retains GO 3's form factor while packing in several key upgrades–most notably–stunning 4K video resolution. Other improvements include a new Interval Video mode for fully automatic hands-free shooting, compatibility with the Apple Find My network to locate GO 3S if it gets lost, native waterproofing to 33ft, improved accessories, and much more.

With a rugged, magnetic body that weighs just 1.4oz (39g), wear it to shoot first-person POVs completely hands-free, or mount it anywhere with in-the-box accessories for endless creative angles that are impossible with bigger, bulkier cameras. Whether you're traveling, hitting the trails or hanging with your kids, GO 3S offers a way to capture your life and stay in the moment. 


4K video and major image quality enhancements.

Still tiny, now mightier! GO 3S's 4K30fps capture transforms its image quality, producing videos that are noticeably sharper, clearer, and crisper. Powered by an enhanced chip with 50% more CPU computing power and a new wide-angle lens, it offers double the amount of pixels compared to 2.7K. All your family memories, unforgettable trips, or creative clips, there to cherish forever in lifelike detail. 

The image quality out of GO 3S has gone up a level in other areas, too:

  • New MegaView FOV - Gives a more realistic look with less distortion and straighter, cleaner edges. 
  • Dolby Vision-Ready - Greater dynamic range and enhanced details thanks to this new HDR technology.
  • Slow Motion Upgrades - Make those highlights ultra smooth with up to 200fps at 1080p or 100fps at 2.7K.

Automatic shooting and AI editing for effortless content creation.

Imagine you could capture moments throughout your day or activity without ever touching the camera—the new Interval Video mode lets you do just that! Simply set how often to shoot and the length of each clip, and GO 3S will automatically power on and shoot a series of clips. You get to live in the moment and have the memories to look back on and share. 

The tiny Insta360 GO 3S camera mounted on a child's chest using the Magnet Pendant, about to high five someone, with the sea in the background.

Turn on GO 3S's new Instant App Preview (iOS only) and you'll get a notification sent to your phone when you finish shooting, ready to open and start editing with just a tap.

And if you don't like editing or don't have the time, try the Auto Edit function in the Insta360 app and let AI combine your clips into one epic video, on beat to music! 

Hands-free POV, creative angles, and more.

Just like GO 3, capturing life with GO 3S really is effortless. The super lightweight camera makes hands-free POVs incredibly easy—simply wear it on your shirt or hat and forget it's even there. This discreet filming setup is also great if you don't feel comfortable using a bigger camera in public or don't want to carry one around all day.

The tiny Insta360 GO 3S camera mounted on the Easy Clip on a man's cap with grass and tress in the background

Mounting in classic spots like a helmet, handlebars, or on your backpack is far easier with a camera this size, and the magnetic body opens up a world of creative mounting options and angles.

The Action Pod is unchanged from GO 3 and acts as an all-in-one housing, remote control, and charger for GO 3S. Whether shooting with the camera inside the Action Pod or mounted separately, you can preview your shots on the 2.2" flip touchscreen. The magnetic mounting mechanism fits both the camera and Action Pod, so the same accessories can be used no matter how you shoot.

From the calmest walks in the park to your energetic pups' perspective, Insta360's FlowState Stabilization and Horizon Lock will always keep your footage super smooth and level.

A dog POV shot with Insta360 GO 3S mounted on the dog's back as it runs towards a person in a park

So what else is new?

With a series of useful upgrades, GO 3S offers an even smoother user experience:

  • Compatible with Apple Find My - Misplaced your camera? Don't sweat it. Track it down using the Apple Find My app so you never lose your awesome footage (or camera!).
  • Easy Switch - Change the aspect ratio on the fly. Simply twist the camera to go from horizontal to vertical shooting in seconds.
  • Waterproofing to 33ft - Your tiny diving companion now goes deeper, all the way to 33ft (10m), compared to 16ft with GO 3.
  • AI Gesture Control - If the camera's mounted out of reach, use hand gestures to start/stop shooting or take a photo for true convenience.
The tiny Insta360 GO 3S camera mounted on a man's goggles as he swims underwater with fish next to him

Included accessories and an all-new Quick Reader.

For truly effortless mounting, GO 3S comes with several free accessories to help you get the most from your camera, with some handy upgrades from the GO 3 versions:

  • Magnet Pendant - Snap on for easy first-person views. Perfect for kids to wear! Now with improved heat dissipation for a more comfortable experience.
  • Easy Clip - Clip on your cap or your pet's collar for awesome angles and fresh perspectives. Here, we've improved the magnetic strength and even made it compatible to attach to the Magnet Pendant for customized angles.
  • Pivot Stand - Stick it anywhere and capture unique angles. It now works on slightly curved surfaces, with an attachment to keep the cover and base together so they don't get lost.
  • Lens Guard - New curved design for better image quality.


The new multi-purpose Quick Reader allows you to rapidly back up your footage to a microSD card while charging the camera at the same time,  leaving you with freed up camera memory and a boosted battery to carry on shooting! It also enables direct editing on your phone without downloading the files.

Insta360 GO 3S mounted on the Quick Reader and plugged into a phone to edit in the Insta360 app

Easy editing.

Time to check out your GO 3S footage? With App Background Downloading, keep using your other phone apps as normal, and you'll get a notification when the files are ready.

From there, access the Insta360 app's powerful AI editing features to automatically edit your best clips into ready-to-share reels, or go manual with a full editing suite.

For runners and riders, try overlaying data like GPS, speed, and power from your Garmin device or Apple Watch in your video, with a choice of interactive stats dashboards.



  • Video Resolution

    Video 4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps 2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps 1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps FreeFrame Video 4K: 3840x2880@24/25/30fps 2.7K: 2720x2040@24/25/30/50fps 1080p: 1920x1440@24/25/30/50fps Timelapse 4K: 4000x3000@30fps (Export using Insta360 Studio for optimal quality.) TimeShift 4K: 4000x3000@30fps (Export using Insta360 Studio for optimal quality.) 2.7K: 2720x2040@30fps Slow Motion 2.7K: 2720x1530@100fps 1080p: 1920x1080@120/200fps Pre-Recording 4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps 2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps 1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps Loop Recording 4K: 3840x2160@24/25/30fps 2.7K: 2720x1536@24/25/30fps, 2752x1530@50fps 1080p: 1920x1080@24/25/30/50fps

  • Photo Resolution

    4000x2250 (16:9) 2880×2880 (1:1) 3968x1472 (2.7:1) 4000x3000 (4:3)

  • Video Modes

    Video, FreeFrame Video, Timelapse, TimeShift, Slow Motion, Pre-Recording, Loop Recording, Interval Video

  • Max. Video Bitrate


  • Weight

    GO 3S: 39.1g (1.38oz) Action Pod: 96.3g (3.40oz)

  • Battery Capacity

    GO 3S: 310mAh Action Pod: 1270mAh

  • Charging Time

    GO 3S: 80% in 23 mins | 100% in 35 mins Action Pod: 80% in 47 mins | 100% in 65 mins

  • Run Time

    GO 3S: 38 mins GO 3S + Action Pod: 140 mins *Tested in 77°F (25°C) lab conditions at 1080p@30fps Video Mode, screen and Wi-Fi off. Run time may vary in different conditions.

  • Aperture


  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length


  • Photo Format

    JPG DNG (can be exported to JPG via app or Studio)

  • Video Format


  • Photo Modes

    Photo, HDR Photo, Interval Photo, Starlapse

  • Color Profiles

    Standard, Vivid, Flat, Portrait

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    GO 3S: 25.6x54.4x24.8 mm (1.0x2.1x1.0in) Action Pod: Screen Folded: 63.5x47.6x29.5mm (2.5x1.9x1.2in) Screen Unfolded: 63.5x86.6x29.9mm (2.5x3.4x1.2in)

  • Color

    Arctic White, Midnight Black

  • Video Coding


  • Gyroscope

    6-axis gyroscope

  • Compatible Devices

    iOS Devices: Compatible with iOS mobile devices with chips A12 or above and iOS version 12.0 or above, including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad Air (2020), iPad Pro and newer iPad models. *To use the Apple Find My app to locate your GO 3S, the latest version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS is recommended. Android Devices: Compatible with Android mobile devices that meet the following capabilities including: • Android devices with Kirin 990 and above chips, including Huawei Mate 30, P40 or newer models. • Android devices with Snapdragon 855 and above chips, including Samsung Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi 9 or newer models. • Android devices with Exynos 2200 and above chips, including Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Ultra and newer models. (System should be Android 10.0 or above or HarmonyOS 2.0.0 or above.) Note: 1. Devices that do not meet the above requirements may still be able to use the app to control the camera. However, the performance of some processor-intensive and AI-powered features may be sub-optimal. 2. After testing, phones equipped with Qualcomm SDM765 5G chips have poor hardware decoding capabilities and are not supported for use, such as OPPO Reno 3 5G. 3. App installation requires a mobile phone with a 64-bit system. A 32-bit system does not support app installation.

  • Exposure Value


  • ISO Range


  • Shutter Speed

    Photo: 1/8000 - 120s Video: 1/8000 - to the limit of frames per second

  • White Balance

    Auto, 2000–10000K

  • Audio Modes

    Wind Reduction, Stereo, Direction Focus

  • Audio Format

    48 kHz, 24bits, AAC

  • Bluetooth

    BLE 5.0

  • Wi-Fi

    5GHz 802.11a/n/ac

  • USB

    Type-C USB2.0

  • Storage

    64GB, 128GB

  • Charging Method

    GO 3S: Action Pod Action Pod: Type-C

  • Use Environment

    GO 3S: -4°F to 104°F (-20℃ to 40℃) Action Pod: -4°F to 104°F (-20℃ to 40℃)

Items included: INSTA360 GO3S with 128GB Memory (White)

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