Shimoda Action X30 Backpack Starter Kit, Black

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ACTION X30 Backpack Starter Kit 

  • Versatile, Multi-Use Roll-Top Backpack
  • Accepts Medium Mirrorless Core Unit v2
  • Rear, Side, and Top Access
  • Accommodates Photo & Backcountry Gear
  • Dual mesh side pouches that make carrying tripods, water bottles and anything else you may need simple and easy!

Shimoda makes Camera Bags for adventure photographers and their new collection is no exception. Action X30 targets ambitious, aggressive and athletic content creators who love to challenge - not only their photography skills - but the terrain and experiences the earth has to offer. Take your time and learn about our new collection. We think - like the creators who helped us develop it - you will love it too.

The Shimoda Action Camera Bags are a versatile, multiuse bag.  The Action X30 Backpack can accommodate the combined interests of the adventure photographer, multimedia creator, hiker, or mountain sports enthusiast. Inside, its spacious main compartment has room for a partition system that can form an optional bottom section to enhance the ability to organize the backpack's contents. 

The Action X30 Backpack can be lifted via its built-in haul and side handles, and carried by its adjustable, padded shoulder straps which can be adjusted upward or downward for a better fit. A zipper along the outer edge of the strap which rests over the wearer's left shoulder opens a smartphone pocket, while the outer edge of the strap which rests over the wearer's right shoulder includes a stretchable side pocket that can accommodate a sunscreen tube, insect spray, snacks, or a water bottle. For heavy loads, this backpack's removable waist belt transfers weight to the hips for additional comfort, while the sternum strap further limits unintentional shifting around the wearer.

Featuring a durable, nylon construction, the Action X30 Backpack is built to be weather resistant. To further protect its contents should the bag be placed on a wet surface, the bottom panel is waterproof.

Action X30 Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 Action X 30L backpack
  • 1 Medium Mirrorless Core Unit

Inside, its spacious main compartment has a partition system that forms an optional bottom section that enhances the ability to organize the backpack's contents when used with the Medium Mirrorless Core Unit Version 2. Created to store and organize camera, video, audio, or digital media equipment, the Medium Mirrorless Core Unit Version 2 can accommodate up to two medium-sized DSLR or mirrorless cameras along with six lenses; or two medium-sized DSLR or mirrorless cameras along with two lenses, plus a medium-sized drone kit. The Medium Mirrorless Core Unit Version 2 complements the Action X30 Backpack by also featuring a zippered side opening that aligns with the Action X30 Backpack's own zippered side opening for seamless accessibility to the equipment inside when the bag is rotated from one's back to front with the right side facing upward.

When the partition system is enabled, the space created above the Medium Mirrorless Core Unit Version 2 can then be dedicated to a variety of items such as outdoor gear or packable clothing that can be reached quickly and conveniently through the backpack's top opening. A rolltop design allows the wearer to easily compress the backpack according to the specific amount of equipment placed inside it, which also serves to effectively seal out moisture and dust. When the backpack is firmly rolled shut, the top can be secured using its integrated side-release buckle closure. For use under inclement weather, a secondary, zippered closure is included along the top of the Action X30 Backpack which also provides access to organizational pockets for items that need to be accessed quickly and conveniently, such as snacks, a pair of sunglasses, or music player earphones.

If the Action X30 Backpack is placed on the ground or a flat surface, complete access to the Medium Mirrorless Core Unit Version 2 is provided by a swing-out zippered panel that faces the wearer's back. Along the inside of the rear-facing zippered panel is the Action X30 Backpack's 15" laptop sleeve. The backpack's front panel unzips to provide reveal additional organizational pockets as well as space to store packable clothing and can accommodate a hydration pack while featuring an opening for the hydration pack's sip tube along the right of the wearer.

All Shimoda products come with a 5-year warranty.

This item is black in colour. Army green bags are for illustrations of the features. 


Multiple Access Points

The Shimoda Action X30 backpack offers rear and side access options. The side opening is ideal for quick, under-the-arm access without completely removing the pack. It’s accessed through a YKK SplashGuard® zipper which protects water and other tiny elements like sand from entering your pack.

The rear opening allows wide, unobstructed access to the bulk of your gear for less time-sensitive shooting situations. It has an EVA-padded door-style opening which acts as added protection against airborne elements in difficult shooting environments and can help keep snow and rain out the gear area. The interior side of the door has a 15-inch laptop sleeve. It sits against the users back and provides fast access at airports and in other efficiency driven scenarios.


Height-Adjustable Harness

The Action X30 backpack features an adjustable torso height offering three size options with approximately 10 cm (4 in.) of vertical adjustment. This means the same backpack can fit short or tall - male or female torso heights - ensuring a custom fit for every photographer. Having the correct torso fit means that the aluminum internal frame is much more effective in transferring shoulder stress and weight to rest comfortably on the user’s hips.


Core Unit Modular Camera Insert System

Perhaps the most forward-thinking modular camera inserts on the market, Shimoda’s Core Units are simple, smart and multifunctional. A user can increase their layout options with two or more Core Units by stacking and shifting how they are placed in the pack. This system allows configurations to be adjusted to suit changing terrain and environmental conditions.


Roll-Top Access

We gave the Action X series a roll-top access so the bag can be adjusted to your gear needs while maintaining a tight and compact fit. The roll top can expand with a volume range of 7-liters. The top section also has an additional quick-access YKK SplashGuard® zipper that makes getting at your gear extremely quick and easy - especially in foul weather.


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