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  • 6K Ready Optics
  • Full Frame Coverage
  • Tightly Color Matched
  • Durable All Metal Body
  • Unified 40° Iris Rotation
  • Unified 200° Focus Throw
  • Large Easy To Read Markings
  • Three Year Limited Warranty
  • Lens Support Mount (Except PL)
  • Xeen Proprietary X-Coating Technology
  • Unified 114mm Non-Rotating Front Diameters
  • 11 Bladed Diaphragm for Superb Bokeh (Except 14mm)
  • Dual Calibrated Right and Left Side Distance and T-Stop Scales
  • Unified Focus and Aperture Gear Positions for Easy Follow Focus Use
  • Mounts can be shimmed and are interchangeable by a qualified technician
  • Incredibly smooth and fully damped movement of focusing and aperture controls

In order of introduction, the Xeen by Rokinon 135mm T2.2 Lens is the 6th of the XEEN Professional Cine Lens series. Like all of its siblings, the 135mm is built specifically for use as a cinema lens with the benefit of an image circle that covers a full-frame sensor.  With an all metal design that’s lighter weight than the competition, it offers spectacular 6K image quality and a full frame image circle plus great low light performance.

The 135mm focal length is ideal for portrait shots by allowing working at a distance that avoids distortion. Its narrow angle of view and large aperture can also combine to focus in on the subject with a shallow depth of field to further isolates the foreground from the background for great creative control.

An internal focus design allows focusing to 2.6 ft (0.6m) and prevents it from changing in length while focusing to minimize breathing.

The XEEN 135mm T2.2 maintains the important characteristics of the system including a uniform length and 114mm non-rotating front diameter for the easy use of matte boxes, full frame coverage,

and an 11 blade diaphragm for pleasing bokeh. It is available in mounts that are changable to PL, Canon, Nikon, Sony E, and MFT.

This fast telephoto utilizes our X-Coating Technology to ensure high quality footage with clear contrast, impressive colors, and a cinematic look even under less than optimal lighting conditions. XEEN by Rokinon lens mechanics and optics are manufactured and precision assembled in Korea utilizing cutting edge techniques and are backed by a Three Year Warranty, the longest in the industry.

Focal length 135mm
Maximum T-stop T2.2
Negative size 24 mm X 36 mm
Angle of view Super 35 13.5°
Focusing range ∞ to 0.8 m
Front size Φ114mm
Number of blades 11
Size Canon EF Φ117.6mm x 121.7mm
Angle Focus angle 200°
Iris angle 35°
(without Lens cap)
Canon EF 1,394g

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