Rokinon XEEN CF 24 mm T1.5 Pro Cine Lens

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ROKINON XEEN CF lenses reflect the trend towards more compact, lightweight, and high definition cameras. They are the first full frame cine lenses to utilize carbon fiber for a sturdier, lighter, durable and more future oriented design and appearance.

Carbon fiber is rarely used for precision machinery due its difficulty in molding. Credit must be given to the R&D designers who developed a technique for molding the material into the shape and size suitable for use in precise lens construction. The cost premium of carbon fiber was another challenge that was overcome to allow the CF cine lenses to remain within the reach of both renowned and aspiring cinematographers.

With an average weight of only 2.12lb/.96kg and length of 3.7”/93.5mm in PL mount for all five focal lengths, they offer exceptional compatibility and flexible operation with equipment such as drones and gimbals.

ROKINON XEEN CF lenses support large image sensors and 8K capability of the latest cinema cameras. The unique X-coating technology, optical design, bright T1.5 aperture (T2.6 for the 16mm), and 11 blade diaphragm can be effectively controlled to create distinctive looks, produce excellent low light performance and beautiful bokeh.

Additional features are changeable mounts, a common front diameter of 95mm for easy use with matte boxes, and luminous glow-in-the-dark markings for easy operation in low-light conditions.
True cine lens features include unified focus and aperture gear positions for easier follow focus use, tight color matching, dual calibrated right and left side distance and T-stop scales and incredibly smooth movement of the geared focusing and aperture controls.

The ROKINON XEEN CF 24mm T1.5 augments the 16mm T2.6, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, and 85mm T1.5 CF models to form a core set of five highly versatile and capable cine primes.

XEEN CF Specifications
Model Name XEEN CF 24mm T1.5 XEEN CF 50mm T1.5 XEEN CF 85mm T1.5
Maximum T-stop T1.5 T1.5 T1.5
Image Circle � 43.3mm � 43.3mm � 43.3mm
Angle of View Full Frame 84.1ø 46.2ø 28.4ø
Super 35 61.2ø 31.2ø 19.0ø
Focusing Range ? to 0.25 m ? to 0.45 m ? to 1.12 m
? to 10? ft ? to 1? 6? ft ? to 3? 9? ft
Front Diameter � 95 mm � 95 mm � 95 mm
Number of Aperture Blades 11 11 11
Rotation Angle of Focus Ring 200ø 200ø 200ø
Rotation Angle of Aperture Ring 40ø 40ø 40ø
Mount PL Canon EF Sony E PL Canon EF Sony E PL Canon EF Sony E
Size �100.0 x 90.5 mm �100.0 x 98.5 mm �100.0 x 124.5 mm �100.0 x 90.5 mm �100.0 x 98.5 mm �100.0 x 124.5 mm �100.0 x 90.5 mm �100.0 x 98.5 mm �100.0 x 124.5 mm
Weight (without Lens cap) 0.9 kg / 2.0 lbs 0.9 kg / 2.0 lbs 1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs 0.9 kg / 2.0 lbs 0.9 kg / 2.0 lbs 1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs 1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs 1.0 kg / 2.2 lbs 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs

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