Nikon TC-20EIII AF-S Teleconverter Lens, 2-YEAR NIKON WARRANTY

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This product has a 2-year Nikon Australia Warranty

[Be wary of merchants offering Australian warranty or Australian stock which may mean warranty provided by the merchants instead of Nikon Australia. Grey imports by those merchants are not supported by Nikon Australia. They may lack the skills, equipment or parts to provide proper warranty]

The AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III, is the world’s first teleconverter* to utilize an aspherical lens element (As of 10 December 2009).

An FX-format compatible teleconverter that extends the focal length of the primary lens by 2×*

The world’s first teleconverter to utilize an aspherical lens element

A new optical design that offers superior contrast and resolution

Utilization of an aspherical lens element enabled a more compact and lightweight teleconverter

* Using this teleconverter with a lens decreases the effective aperture by two stops.


Lens Construction (Elements/Groups)

7 Elements/5 Groups

Closest focusing distance

Same as the attached lens

Maximum reproduction ratio

Approx. 2× the attached lens' reproduction ratio

Dimensions (approx.) (from the camera’s lens mounting flange)

66 x 48mm

Weight (approx.)